I now sell stock photos!

Just a quick update. I recently bought a nice new DSLR camera for some new projects I have in the pipeline. So as a sort of side hobby, I will be snapping anything I think would make a good stock photo...
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training cont twitter meta

Vegan Gains Continued…

For nearly two months now I have been finding out what gains I get in the gym on a vegan bodybuilding diet and the result is that i have put on nearly…

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Training Facebook

Vegan Gains Start Here!

My journey to see if you can gain muscle on a vegan diet starts here! For about 7 months now i have been vegan and admittedly in that time I have neither lost or gained weight.

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Vegan Nutella Facebook

Vegan Nutella

I was looking for some awesome cheat day recipes and I came across this awesome recipe for vegan Nutella.

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My second bit of extra work.

About a month or so ago I was asked by Mike J Scott to be an extra in his new horror short which written in just a few days by Mike J Scott and Chris Fisher…

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Peanut Satay Facebook Meta

Vegan Peanut Butter Satay Sauce

Recently I have come across this simple recipe for satay sauce and it is now my favorite thing to eat. It’s so simple it takes minutes to make and tastes amazing…

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The House of Geeks Responsive

Another redesign to my website!

Yes I have given my website a redesign again! Over the last few months of creating websites for people/business I have absolutely loved some of the new wordpress themes that have come on the market. I could no longer have…

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