Vegan Gains Start Here!

My journey to see if you can gain muscle on a vegan diet starts here!

For about 7 months now i have been vegan and admittedly in that time I have neither lost or gained weight.

I became vegan after my 29th Birthday whilst looking at my diet, after watching enough documentaries on where my food came from, I realised my diet was truly terrible.

A lot of that time since becoming vegan I have been injured due to overdoing it at squash (I dive around like a legend!) and I haven’t really been to the gym. I have also been abroad on holiday and I went to a festival, I drank a lot of beer! I also did a bit of running and participated in the Manchester 10k! But I would not say that the first half of this year I have been pushing it… To be exactly the same weight after all that is a good thing in my opinion!

Before changing to a vegan diet I was a gym rat for about 2 years on a normal meat/chicken/cheeky nandos/whey diet. In that time I lost weight and changed my body shape quite a bit! Im not going to slate meat based diets in that respect because it did work for my goals at that time.

I have changed a lot since then and now i’m in a place where I really want to test the power of a plant based diet and see if i can gain muscle or get ripped.

Recently I have joined PureGym so I can train with co-workers and friends, I am looking to train most mornings before work and some afternoons for a laugh!

Over the next few month i will be documenting my transformation, diet and gainz (If there is any!) on a plant based diet.



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